The AccorHotels Arena is a performance hall, 3rd biggest arena in the world, that hosts 120 cultural and sporting events every season. Discover the new application we designed and developed for its visitors.

With new ambitions following its modernization, the AccorHotels Arena wants to develop a new innovative digital experience to position itself as an essential brand in the entertainment area.

The goal is multiple: to design an experience that can be lived in and out of the Arena while allowing viewers to interact with the venue to keep a special memory of their visit. to implement solutions to provide users personalized offers, as close as possible to their desires, by allowing the promotion of partners and events.


The AccorH Arena application allows spectators to make the most of their visit at the Arena:

– Convenience: Users can be alerted to event announcements and pre-sales in real time. They can then reserve their parking space and pre-order their meals. In the Arena, they can quickly withdraw their orders or have themselves delivered to their place during sports events.
– Customization: The interface is modulated according to the user and his previous interactions with the application; If he has a ticket for an event and is located outside the Arena, an Itinerary button will appear on the page dedicated to the show. The user can also save his favourite events and receive personalized notifications such as a welcome message to his name before the event he is attending.
– Interaction: The interactive plan makes it possible to find one’s way quickly thanks to a category sorting function and the animations or punctual events in the Arena are notified to the users via the application.
– Social: Users can share their favourite shows very easily on social networks and the Social-Wall keeps users informed in real time of the news around an event.



AccorHotels Arena will benefit from the innovative features and tools implemented on several points:

Editorial content is an important part of the application that allows Arena teams to highlight events, promotional offers or pop-up stores. Some of the application contents are also managed directly from the website contents to ease their management. Thus, the AccorHotels Arena’s marketing teams can offer promotional operations to their partners (highlighting, couponing …) to improve their impact and return on investment. This also contributes to orientate the strategy of AccorHotels Arena’s brand building.

The pre-arrival services (show ticket, parking space, meal) and interactive filterable map allow to relieve the pressure on the reception points within the arena and to optimize the flows by making visitors more autonomous. This also enrich the database and help to anticipate costs and to locate the points of friction.

Data collection is also a major part of the application. Besides the fact that it allows to measure results, the database enrichment also makes it possible to offer dedicated services and to create a true relationship between the AccorHotels Arena brand and the users of the application. Ultimately, this will encourage engagement and maximize the impact of communication operations.

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store.