From Silverstone to Le Mans and Sao Paulo, don’t miss a moment of the excitement of the 2014 FIA WEC season with the new FIA WEC 2nd Screen app.

Direct from the driver’s seat to your tablet or smartphone device, the new 2nd Screen FIA WEC app provides racing fans with unprecedented access to all the on-track action.

Netco Sports, in partnership with AMP Visual TV and using EVS’s C-Cast technology, will provide an immersive engaging experience. The app provides several direct streams, including streams from the driver’s cockpit, allow fans to personalize the viewing experience. Don’t miss a moment with almost live multicam highlights of all the biggest moments from throughout the race.

Live Timing functionalities, with filters per car category, pinpoint the location of every car as they make their way around the track. An interactive track map and detailed table ensures that every fan can follow their favorite car throughout the 6 or 24-hour race.

Engage in the FIA WEC season with full access to all multimedia, editorial, and data (standings, results, etc.) content.

Gerard Neveu, CEO of the FIA WEC added:

“This will be an exciting new 21st century way to follow the races in 2014. We have been developing the 2nd screen since the end of last season and we are now ready to unveil what we can consider to be one of the world’s best motorsport applications. Endurance Racing has always been about giving the fans the best access possible and now they will be able to follow the races with unprecedented access to features that have up to bow been only available to the teams. Most of the features are free but some of the more interactive items are available for a small fee, which is the equivalent of just €2.85 per race for the season pack, which offers great value for money”.

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