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Fans & Clubs: a 3.0 relationship

The digital revolution has drastically changed the way sport is lived, distributed and consumed. Fans are now seeking to receive unique and real-time contents, connect with each other and take part to the decisions made by their favourite clubs. In other words, sport is shifting from passive viewing to interactive experiences.

This new environment brings new challenges but also new opportunities. It is now easier than never for clubs to engage their fans worldwide, to receive feedbacks and collect data from them. Ultimately clubs will be able to grow their brand awareness and revenue streams while reinforcing their digital strategies.

At NETCO SPORTS, we aim at helping clubs take this turn and better leverage technology to enhance their fans experience. Thus, we developed and designed several products focused on fan engagement, social interaction, user generated content and integrating the most of what new technologies can offer.

Some digital services to improve fans experience with the club

  • Special offers on tickets and merchandising
  • "Behind the scenes" exclusive content (interviews, pre-game footages)
  • Live games or social spaces to drive fan participation
  • Innovative and high-quality content (360° training sessions)
  • Live stream video
  • Interactive game board with game stats, replay video and comments
  • Virtual reality live view from on the field
  • Enhanced tools to ease the generation of user-content

Our products for Clubs

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Gaming & Fan Engagement
Onsite services
Statistics & Media Content

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Liverpool FC chose Netco Sports to develop its new official app on smartphones and tablets and offer its worldwide fanbase a brand new mobile experience.