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Fans in Venues: from viewers to influencers

With the increasing smartphone ownership and the digitalisation of fans experiences, the sport industry is living a revolution. To respond to the new challenges of this fast-paced and innovative environment, venues must adapt their offer in order to keep the stadium experience fun, relevant and exciting.

Almost all game fans with smartphones carry them throughout their day at a stadium and use their devices to take photos and to create some video content. Most of them also share this content on social media, especially to communicate with their friends and family and let people know their are attending an event. Being able to find out what others are saying about the game or event, check the scores of other games or share opinions and news are also very popular which testify the increasing importance of the fan-driven content creation and distribution culture.

In a nutshell, visitors are progressively shifting from passive viewers to active influencers, thus becoming a major strategic asset for venues.*

87 %

use their smartphone to take photos

70 %

want more special offers on food and merchandising

62 %

want more video replays of game events

37 %

share news and opinions of game-related events

* Connected Sports Fans 2016 - Research conducted by Spider Marketing for Avaya, June 2016

At NETCO SPORTS, we help venues and arena tackle these new opportunities and offer the greatest experience for their visitors. We make the most of the possibilities offered by new technologies and develop with our clients and for them, the right tools to engage with their fans before, during and after their visit.

Some digital services to improve fans experience at the stadium

  • Special offers on food and merchandising
  • Video replays of game events
  • Cash free e-pay availability
  • Live updates on athlete performance
  • Live stream video
  • Interactive game board with game stats, replay video and comments
  • Virtual reality live view from on the field
  • Personalized offers depending on visitors experience with the stadium

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