Two years after its creation, SFR Sport is facing a new bend.

On Tuesday, July 3rd, SFR Sport officially became RMC Sport.

A major revolution consisting in reshaped programs which offer exclusively and entirely the best of European soccer with the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League, but also the English Premier League (Starting on August 10th) and the Portuguese Liga.

On this occasion, Netco Sports worked on the User Experience Design (UX) and the User Interface Design (UI) of the application and of the website to offer a better user’s experience. In the meantime, Netco Sports also worked on the splash screen of the new app. These modifications, available through the latest update out on July 3rd, are aiming to help SFR Sport to succeed in its transition into RMC Sport.

The new app is also willing to help RMC Sport becoming “the biggest Sports channel in France”, according to the objective of Alain Weill, CEO at RMC Sport.


The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets.