The revolutionary app Vincennes Hippodrome Connect is available from the 8th February on App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets.

Hippodrome Paris Vincennes with its capacity of 40,000 and free WiFi is primarily used for horse races. Netco Sports has developed an app dedicated to horse racing fans giving all Hippodrome’s visitors a unique experience by providing them an interactive tool to track an ongoing race in the real time.

This new app will serve visitors as a complete guide and it is working in 2 formats:

The first one – doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can always access all statistics and history about the horse, its jockey, his career, last results etc.

The second format is accessible only from the racecourse and provides users with additional features. With its exhaustive Video section, using state-of-the-art multi-cam technology, this app will enable users to watch races video replays from different cameras and unique angles circling around the race, as well as review all past races, enjoy “WireCam” – new cable camera recently installed.

Also there will be Beacons Solution deployed in the Hippodrome in order to interact with visitors, analyse spectators flows and their behaviour (send personalised content based on users’ actions and movings, one-to-one marketing, identification of places most visited in the Hippodrome and time spent there and also the possibility to register personal information…).

The goal of this app is to enhance the users experience, to make them come and discover Paris Vincennes, thus to increase the fan base.

Fans can enjoy interactive features and “Like” their preferred horse; the results of the vote will be displayed on the giant screen in real time. A complete stats center with graphical data will help newcomers and more experienced visitors better understand the race in a more interactive way.

One more feature in order to increase the level of fun for the users and enhancement their experience is the Fotofan Solution – visitors can take pictures, add different graphical elements to personalize it and share on major social networks.