Netco Sports’ offers: Apple Watch solutions are now on the list.

The release of the Apple Watch on 24th April will “represent a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology”. Opportunities arrive, as the Apple Watch is the most personal device ever made by Apple and it is able to comprehend users’ need of a quicker, more efficient and discreet way of enjoying the universal functions from their smart devices – which sometimes are out of their reach and not really convenient to use – for instance during sport activities, meetings or in crowed places. Being at the forefront of latest technology and sensing the prominent of the newly presented Apple Watch, Netco Sports team has been working dedicatedly to deliver unique mobile solutions into users’ wrists.

The Apple Watch app related offers from Netco Sports include the possibilities to build a dedicated app for Apple Watch linked to the iPhone app or to develop specific notifications system to enhance the interactivity users have with their existing apps, increasing the interaction with their favorite sports, leagues, events or clubs.

Netco Sports’ existing solutions are now complemented with the features on Apple Watch:

Netco Sports’ Second screen solution for live experience now can be handled from users’ wrist, from launching the event to casting the live on TV or even recording the live to watch later. Users can also follow the event on the go with notifications, live statistics and full event timeline accessible from the watch.

Our Stadium Connect solution combining Beacon technology is more complete with digital ticket display, to-the-seat guidance with interactive map and contextual notifications all available on Apple Watch that enhance users’ in-venue experience.

Game Connect solution by Netco Sports is even more fantastic with the questions, answers and user profile be shown on the watch thus easing users’ gaming experience.