On Rewind Video Player


On Rewind is a video player designed to engage your community with a fun and highly qualitative watching experience. It highlights your content and makes it easy to create non-invasive monetization opportunities.


Stand out from the competition with a premium experience for your audience


Benefit from our automated live-clipping feature to boost your content virality


Manage all your video content hosted on several services through a unique platform


Maximize your ROI with innovative monetization systems adapted to sports broadcast


A gamified video player

On Rewind is the best tool for rights holders AND their audience. Its innovative user interface offers a unique experience aiming to boost fan engagement and virality. Viewers can share automatically-generated video clips on social networks, live-comment the actions or chat with other viewers through the chatrooms. Information about competitions, matches, teams or players are directly accessible during the viewing.

An enriched timeline

On Rewind's timeline is one of the most innovative of its kind. Specially designed for sports broadcast, it displays the most memorable actions of a match or a challenge on a simple timeline. Each marker generates video or photo mini-clips that are shareable on social media with a single click.

  • Simple interface with direct access to the main actions of a game
  • Ability to replay the best actions by clicking on the markers, even for live content
  • High virality thanks to the shareable mini-clips automatically generated for each action

Native or overlay integration to your content

Manage your videos on Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, or any other video hosting service from the On Rewind's back-office or host them directly on our platform. Thanks to an HTML5 and iframe integration, you content can benefit from our video player's innovative features no matter where it is stored.

  • Manage your content from a single platform, even if it is hosted elsewhere
  • Player's features pluggable to on any video hosting service as overlay
  • Simulcast your live video streams to multiple platforms (Facebook Live, Youtube, Dailymotion, Periscope, Akamai, Twitch, etc.)

Monetization made enjoyable

Within the player, offer your products like jerseys, tickets, or partners products to a captive audience in a non-intrusive way.

  • Offer relevant products regarding the actions (scorer's jersey, tickets, partners products...)
  • Highlight partners with customized elements (markers, banners...)
  • Classic monetization systems also available (Pay per view, Preroll, Midroll...)

Endless customization possibilities

Our player is adaptable to any kind of sport, competition or event. Add your brand identity and design to your viewers experience, or add customized markers for a unique timeline.

  • On Rewind is adaptable to any individual or group sport, including football, basketball, handball, rugby, boxing, ski, surf, and even e-sport
  • All interface items are customizable, from colors to markers in the timeline
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