For the new edition of Roland-Garros, NetcoSports developed and designed an all-in-one solution, in order to simplify and enhance the spectators’ and the follower’s experience.

The most noticeable innovation with the 2018 app version lies in the merging of the two former existing versions; last year, a first Roland-Garros app was specifically dedicated to the tournament’s spectators present on site, and another was dedicated to the persons willing to follow the event from the outside of the venues.


As of this year, the user simply has to slide a cursor to change version, from “In-stadia” to “Out”, according to its situation and its geographical location. Accordingly, different contents will be offered to the application user: an interactive map of the event and venues, the weather on each tennis court, in-stadia services, etc.

The geographical location of the spectator inside the event is another major stake of the new app, principally with the installation of “beacons” to follow and analyse the spectator’s path and moves inside the event.

According to the FFT, the geolocalisation of the spectator will help to better manage the numerous spectators’ flows on site.

Last year, the Roland-Garros app dedicated to the spectators was downloaded 100.000 times, and the second app dedicated to the other followers was downloaded 400.000 times. Considering these figures, the FFT is aiming at least 500.000 downloads for this 2018 version to be a success.

The French Tennis Federation choose to release its new app several weeks before the beginning of the tournament and has been for now downloaded 20.000 times. A second version will be available on May 7, before the final version to be released a few days before the beginning of the tournament, starting on May 27.

The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets.