Roland Garros is a tennis venue complex built in 1928 and located in Paris, France. Each year in May, the stadium hosts the prestigious Roland Garros competition with an average attendance of 428 000 visitors since 2010.

For the 2017 edition, Roland Garros released a new version of its Stadium application: My Roland Garros. The app update features innovative solutions to enhance the visitors experience during their journey.


To provide maximum convenience for spectators in Roland Garros, M-ticket is a must-have to ease the stadium access. Having the Passbook Technology embedded into the app, spectators can enter the stadium with their in-app M-tickets.

An interactive map helps visitors to find their way around the stadium: dining, toilets, shops, transportation. It also displays spectators’ real time position and provides information about nearby events and points of interest.

Thanks to the pre-order food service spectators are able to order their meals prior to their visit and to take them away directly from the dedicated points of collection. The whole purchasing process can be done in-app for more convenience.

Cornerstone of the app is the beacon technology and the Beacon Connect solution. Beacons have been installed at the entrance and inside the stadium to provide spectators with personalized messages according to their current location such as welcoming messages, thank-you messages, tips for the day at the stadium, invitations, promotion info…

All these innovative tools have been designed to improve the engagement of the visitors with Roland Garros and to help them make the best of the services offered inside the stadium.

The app update is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets.