Netco Sports brought new functionalities to the Ligue Nationale de Rugby’s (LNR) official app right on time for the Top 14 final on June 2.

4 new major features have been added to the existing version of the LNR application. Overall, the objective of this update is to offer the best in-stadia experience to the TOP 14’s fans.

To reach out this objective, the “Click & Eat” service has been implemented to allow spectators to order their food/beverage from their seat.

But the app does not forget the TOP 14 fans that do not attend the game inside the stadium for the final at the Stade de France, on June 2. One of the greatest features of the app is the Multicam, which allows the fan to take control of the cameras alongside the pitch, and is available from anywhere as long as the viewer is connected to a wifi spot.

Alongside this multicam broadcasting feature, the updated app offers a “Predictions” section where fans can vote and forecast for the upcoming game, and ultimately, a “Man of the match” section which allows fans to vote for the player they considered was the most performing during the game.

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Photo credit: LNR